Contemporary issues

  • November 22, 2018: Munich:  “The revised law for contracts for work in the IT Business”.
  • October 10, 2018: Bavarian IT-Legal Summit: “Data Business and Data Economy”.

September 12.-15, 2018: Autumn Academy of the German Foundation for Legal Informatics; will give a lecture and present a book chapter about “Industrial IoT and what is necessary to transform IoT and Big Data applications into the legal business.

July 19, 2018:, Munich: giving a lecture about “Industrial IoT: How to transfer IoT and Big Data Applications into legal terms of business”.

June  7/8, 2018: Conference of International Computer Law Associations, Paris; moderator of the panel”How to secure innovation? The role of BlockChain” and substitutional  lecture the presentation of Professeur Nicolas Bincent “BlockChain Governance”.

November 22, 2017: The German Federal Supreme Court ( BGH ) decided that the seller still has a claim for payment of the contract price even the PayPal Buyer Protection which is part of PayPal´s business model over here, had returned the already payed sales price to the buyer due to his /her objection. We will report about further legal details as soon as the grounds of the judgements are published. 

IP-/Competition Law

IT, TK, E-Business and Internet

  • Betrieblicher Datenschutz, Rechtshandbuch, Forgo/Helfrich/Schneider; Beck Verlag, 2014: Kapitel 3: “Werbung im Internet”, (Translation: Company Internal Data Protection, Editors: Forgo/Helfrich/Schneider; Chater 3: “Advertising in the Internet”, by Dr. Oliver M. Habel/Eckart Müller)
  • Recht der Daten und Datenbanken im Unternehmen, Conrad/Grützmacher; Verlag Dr. Otto Schmidt, Cologne; Kapitel: “Grundsätze der Auftragsdatenvereinbarung”,  (Translation: Law concerning Data and Data Banks, editors Conrad/Grützmacher; Chapter: “Legal Principles for Order Data Processing”) by Dr. Oliver M. Habel

Product Safety and technology


Commercial and Corporate Law

Labor Law

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