References to conferences

Jan. 29, 2021, 16th OSE Symosium, Munich, Germany, virtuell;; “Due to Covid 19 with Power into Digitalization”; member of program committee.

Jan. 21, 2021, Munich; Philipp Koehler ( partner with Taylor Wessing Rechtsanwälte), “EC-drafts from Dec. 2020 concerning Digital Services Act und Digital Markets Act –the basic rules”; moderator.

Sept. 09 until Sept. 12, 2020: 21st. Autumn Academy of German Foundation for Legal Informatics (DSRI); lecture and book contribution of Oliver M. Habel, PhD. “Legal Requirements for Implementation of the New German Trade Secret Act (GeschGehG) from 04/2020”; program of the virtual conference:

17.09.2020, Munich; Dr. Mathias Lejeune, Lejeune Law/ Dr. Stefan Peintinger, SKW Schwarz, “Update und Discussion regarding Data Protection / „Schrems II“; co-organizer.

23.07.2020, München; Jan Peter Lambert (Legal Counsel Siemens AG),Technical and Legal Presentation of the  IoT- and KI-Platform Mindsphere; organizer.

31.01.2020, 15. OSE-Symposium, Munich; presentation: “The new German Tradesecret Act: How to transform into Contract Drafting”; speaker for the legal part.

16.01.2020, Munich: Dr. habil. Frank Sarre, IT-Expert, “Legal  Projekt Management in  complexe IT-Projects”; co-organizer.

November 29, 2019, Dt. Anwaltsakademie; RA Dr. Nordemann et al. “Latest Developments in Copyright Law 2019”; training.

November 26, 2019 Munich, Kristin Benedikt/Co-Head of Unit, Bay. Landesamt für Datenschutzaufsicht (Bavarian Data Protection Authority for the private sector)  “Joint Controllership”; co-organizer.

November 07. – 09, 2019 DGRI (German Society for Legal Informatics) Annual Meeting, Berlin; training.

September 19, 2019, Munich; RA Dr. Alexander Duisberg/Bird&Bird “IT-Law in Networked Structures – Considerations Regarding Law of Contract”; organizer.

September 12 to 14, 2019, DSRI (German Foundation for Legal Informatics) Autumn Academy, Bremen “The Power of Data and Algorithms – Regulation of IT, IoT, and AI”; moderator of the panel “IT Law”.

July 23, 2019 Munich: RA Stefan Schicker/SKW Schwarz and Dr. Peter Katko/EY “Legal Tech Tools”; co-organizer.

May 29, 2019 DAI, “Latest Jurisdiction by the German Federal Supreme Court regarding Competition -, Trademark, and Copyright-Law”; training.

May 16, 2019 Munich: RAin Lara Ueberfeldt/IT-expert Dr. F. Sarre “May Developers of IT Related Products Make Use from Data of  Final Customers for Development  Purposes?”; moderator.

May 2, 2019  Münchener Anwaltsverein: “Update forIinternational Business Law”; training.

April 10, 2019: IAPP, Munich Chapter: ” The Transformation of EU GDPR one year  after coming into effect” by Manfred Ilgenfritz, DPA Bavaria. Attendee.

March 26, 2019: Bird & Bird, Munich “Cyber Warfare Against Corporations – Insider Lessons on Hackers, Scams and the Dark Web”; as attendee.

March 21, 2019:, München; RA Dr. H. Schöttle/RA Dr. B. Siebers “Open Source Litigation-Pratical Experiences”; co-organizer.

25.01.2019: OSE Symposium Recht.Digital.Escrow; as attendee. Munich; RAin Michaela Witzel, SSW/ Uwe Sliwke,Hensold;  “Open Source Compliance”; co-organizer.

November 22, 2018: Munich:  “New Law for Contract of  Work for IT Business”; co-organizer.

November 22, 2018: Munich: “The Revised Law concerning Contract for Work in the IT Business”.co-organizer.

November 15 – 17, 2018: Annual conference of German Society for Computer Law (DGRI); as attendee.

October 10, 2018: Bavarian  IT-Legal Summit: “Data Business and Data Economy”; as attendee.

September 12.-15, 2018: Autumn Academy of the German Foundation for Legal Informatics; Olivver M. Habel, Ph.D. “Industrial IoT and what is necessary to transform IoT and Big Data applications into the legal business; speaker.

July 19, 2018:, Munich: “Industrial IoT: How to transfer IoT and Big Data Applications into legal terms of business”; speaker.

June  7/8, 2018: Conference of International Computer Law Associations, Paris; moderator of the panel”How to secure innovation? The role of BlockChain” and substitutional  lecture the presentation of Professeur Nicolas Bincent “BlockChain Governance”.

17.05/18:, München: C. Eibl und M.Radula, e.mundo GmbH, München;  “Datenmigration im Zeitalter von Big Data”.

15.03.2018,, Munich: RAin Ines M Hassemer, RAe Schneider, Schiffer, München:”Criminal Law and IT and Data; Legal Riscs for Companies”

Organizer of this most interesting and for legal practioneers important aspects of criminal law.

13.03.2018, IAPP, Chapter Munich: Cookies and Online Privacy, Status of the Draft of the EC E-Privacy Regulation.

as attendee.

22.01.2018, Forum 7 IT: “Scrum gelebt”

as attendee.

13.01.201828.01.2018: TechTalk legal, Munich : “Cartel Law and Data, Cartel Law  and Illegal Price Fixing via Algorithms”

Organizer of an excellent legal presentation by RAin Eva Bonnacker, SKW Schwarz RAe, Munich und RA Semin O, DLA Piper, Frankfurt/Main gewinnen.

23.11.2017,, Munich: Sharad Gandhi “Transforming Artificial Intelligence into Business”

An excellent presentation by a long term iformation technology professional about Artificial Intelligence and what it is like in today´s business but esp. in future.


18. – 21.10.2017  Attendee of International Technology Association European Conference, 2017, Stockholm

Oliver M. Habel, attorney at law: In 2017 attendee. Member since 2000 and former member of Board of Directors until 2013.


Sept. 28, 2017:, Munich: “Update Legal Tech”

We organizers of this social local lawyers network in Munich demonstrate examples for legal tech tools by presentations of three suppliers

06. – 09.09.201: announcement: Autumn Academy of the German Foundation for Legal Computer Sciences

Speaker: “PayPal Payment – Not Intended Side Effects”

May 11, 2017:, Munich:

Co-organizer of the lecture of Prof. A. Wiebe ( University of Göttingen ) “Legal Righst in Data – the current EU-European Strategy and the Position of the German Minister for Traffic and Transport regarding “Property in Data during Car Driving”.

10.05.2017, lecture evening  at C.H. Beck Publishing Company

with Dr. Ehmann and Prof. Dr. Selmayr, EC, about EU General Data Protection Act; guest.

April 06, 2017: 2nd German Public Procurement Conference, Berlin:

Advanced training in public procurement of IT goods and services after the revision of German Cartel Law and Procurement Procedure Regulation, in force since April 18, 2017.

16.03.2017: Co-Organizer TechTalk Legal Munich ( former IT Law Circle Munich):

subject “Blockchain- or Distributed Ledger Technology” by H-R van den Berg, van den Berg AG, Herzogenrath, and M.Kaulartz, aal with CMS Hasch Sigle, Munich

17.02.2017: 6th DialogCamp of MultiMedia und Recht und Zeitung für Datenschutz (journals for IT- and data privacy law )

Excellent presentations with respect to the draft of a e-privacy directive of the European Comission from January 10, 2017; to the EU Data Protection Regulation; to liability for hyper links et al.

15.02.2017: DVNW, Munich

Presentation about new regulation about public procurement für busines below around 210,000 €

09.02.2017: IAPP, Munich Chapter

Presentations about the required prior processe to evaluate the consequences of a privacy breach as part of establishing the new EU Data Privacy Regulation for companies

25.01.2017: 11th. OSE ( Organization Pro Software Escrow ) Symposium 2017

Moderator of the panel “BlochChain and Smart Contracts”, speakers Professor W. Blocher, Univ. Kassel, IT-expert P. Hoppen, Streitz / Hoppen IT-experts, Bruehl and M. Kaulartz, aal with CMS Hasche Sigle, Munich


Organizer of IT Law Circle Munich, subject ” Challanges to Enforce Preliminary Injunction Orders in Software Court Proceedings” by C. Frank, aal with TaylorWessing LLP,, Munich and IT-expert M. Schmidt, fast detect GmbH, Munich


Organizer of IT Law Circle Munich, subject “Smart TV and Data Protection” by J. Hartung, aal with Oppenhoff RAe, Düsseldorf and D. Boehlke, Gen. Counsel of Media-Saturn, Ingolstadt

09.- 11.11.2016

Participation in European Conference 2016 of International Technology Association, Madrid

September 14 – 17, 2016                                                                                                   Autumn Academy of the German Foundation for Informatics and Law, Hamburg ( Germany ), sponsored by tecLEGAL Habel RAe, “Smart World – Smart Law”.


Organizer IT-Law Circle Munich, subject “Exit from Failed IT-Project Agreement” by C. Weitzel, aal with BMT RAe, Munich

July 01, 2016                                                                                                                               2. OSE Summer Talk in Berlin: Moderator of the panel: „The tension between the Privacy Shield and Art. 8 of the European Charter of Fundamental Rights.”

June 03, 2016                                                                                                             Participation in IT-LawCamp Bird & Bird LLP, Frankfurt/Main with emphasis on the Internet of Things and data protection.

May 12, 2016                                                                                                                     Organizer of Munich based IT-Roundtable of Lawyers and Inhouse Counsels; subject: Cartel Law in (Internet) Online Business.

May 3, 2016
IAPP (International Association of Privacy Professionals):
US/EU Privacy Shield: presentation about the US per spective by Jones Day, New York and by the concerning its legal content and an estimation if the privacy Shield will stay valid in case of a judgement by the European Court of Bavarian Data Protection Authority justice.

April 128/29, 2016                                                                                                                    3rd German IT-Law Conference; Berlin.

April 22, 2016                                                                                                              German-US American Data Privacy Day; Munich.

April 15, 2016                                                                                                                     Working party for contract law  in German Lawyers Association; “Agile Software Development Methods”; Munich.

April 14, 2016                                                                                                                      „Taking of evidence in civil legal matters”; by Dr. Nikolaus Stackmann, chief judge at Appellate Court Munich.

April 12, 2016                                                                                                                Münchener Juristische Gesellschaft, “Arbitration Proceeding”; by Axel Sachs, CMS Hasche Sigle, Munich.

April 08/09, 2016                                                                                                                     Law faculty of University Würzburg; “Medicine and Data Protection”; an expert symposium.

March 21, 2016                                                                                                                    Hanns-Seidel-Stiftung, Munich; conference about the proposed European data protection reform and its legal and business consequences.

On 11th OSE Symposium in Munich on Jan. 29, 2016 Oliver Habel will moderate the panel „Big Data and Internet of Things, Volume 2“, specifically regarding “Powerfulness of Algorithm” by Peter Welchering, the example licensing of MicroStrategy analysing software by Christian Ringeling; regarding “Technical and Legal Protection for Enterprise Data” by Claudio Chirco.

11. OSE Symposium

Organizer of Munich based IT-Law Roundtable of Lawyers and Inhouse-Counsels; subject: “Aims and strategy of the European Union concerning Cloud Computing”, speakers: Jan Geerd Meents und Patrick van Eecke, both DLA Piper

Organizer of Munich based IT-Law Roundtable of Lawyers and Inhouse-Counsels; subject: „Alice Corp vs. CLS Bank Int.; turn around for the patentability of business models and software” by PatAttorney Axel Stellbrink,

04. – 06.11.2015
Participation in working groups and in the European Conference 2015 of International Technology Law Association, London

Bavarian IT-law conference: Hot topics for Oliver Habel: Internet of Things – contract drafting; Data Owner in the Internet of Things; Privacy and Internet of Things (IoT) applications

Organizer of Munich based IT-Law Roundtable of Lawyers and Inhouse-Counsels; subject:
EC-General Data Protection Regulation (draft). Special notice will be taken to the requirement “consent” by M. Dovas, RAin, of and “limitation on use” by H. Picot, RAin,

09. – 12.09.2015
Speaker at the DSRI Autumn Academy 2015, Göttingen; Subject: “Software-Projektverträge als Werk- oder Dienstleistungsverträge? Kriterien für eine Zuordnung.” (Translation: “Software-Project Agreements: contracts for work or  pure service contracts only? Criteria for a legal classification.“)

Organizer of Munich based IT-Law Roundtable of lawyers and inhouse-counsels; subjects “Gambling in Germany between legal requirements and the real existing grey zone” by Florian Hensel, SKW Schwarz (lawyers) and “DARKNET – The Net We Don’t Know” by Stefan Schicker, SKW Schwarz (lawyers)

Board Meeting of Edmund-Bradatsch-Foundation as deputy advisory council chairman

Joining Conference of the German Arbitration Institution, Dresden

Joining German-American Data Privacy Day (conference); subject:  Safe Harbor-EU-US data transfer

Visit of breakfast session”Cyber Security; Cyber-Risk Management” by munichnetwork e.V.

16. – 18.04.2015
3 days advenced training: “Financial Statements: Reading; Understanding; Interpretation (evalution of company value)”, by Dt. Anwaltsakademie

Organizer of Munich based IT-Law Roundtable of lawyers and inhouse-counsels; subject: “Bit-Coins-Business Model, Regulation, Technology; speaker: Jörg-Alexander Paul und Dr. Michael Jünemann; Bird & Bird; Frankfurt/Main

Online seminar IT-Law: “Current Cases and Judgements”

10. OSE-Symposium (Organization pro Software Escrow) in Munich, about “Escrow and Sustainability of IT-Business Modells”, as member of the program committee

Organizer of IT-Roundtable of Munich based lawyers and inhouse counsels: Subject: “Draft Federal IT-Security Act”; Speakers: RA Alexander Eichler and Matthias Müller, High Solutions AG

IAPP Advanced Training: „Binding Corporate Rules“, Intern. Privacy Practitioners Ass. (IAPP), Data protection in companies, Munich

18. – 19.11.2014
Arbitration Congress, Alternative Dispute Resolution a Location Factor in Global Competition – Germany, Poland and Ukraine in Focus, International Conference, Institut für Ostrecht Munich

06. – 08.11.2014
DGRI Annual Conference, Berlin

15. – 17.10.2014
ITechLaw 2014 European Conference, Paris, France

Round Table of Munich based lawyers: „Digitale Agenda der Bundesregierung 2014 – 2017; Internet Governance – Wie reagiert das Internet? ….“  (Translation: “Digital Agenda of the German Federal Government for 2014 – 2017; Internet Governance – How the Internet reacts …”) by Jimmy Schulz, a former FDP Member of the German Federal Parliament, Member of the former Enquete-Commission of the Federal German Parliament

10. – 13.09.2014
DSRI Autumn Academy 2014, Mainz, “Big Data & Co. – New Challanges for Information Related Law”; Speaker: Dr. Oliver M. Habel: „Kick-back-Fees oder Handelsmaklerprovision für einen ausgelagerten Einkauf?“ (Translation: “Unlawful Kick-back-Fees or Provision for a Trade Agent Service for an Outsourced Purchase Service“)

Round Table Of Munich based lawyers: „Handel im Wandel: Innovative Entwicklungen im Mobile-Payment“ (Translation: „Changes in Trade: Innovative Developments in Mobil Payments Services“); Speaker: Ernst Stahl, Uni Regensburg

MAV: “Update Leistungsstörungs- und Gewährleistungsrecht 2014”, (Translation: “Update Statuated Liability Clauses in the German Civil Code for Sale, Work, Violation of Contractual Obligations”); Speaker: Prof. Dr. Stephan Lorenz

14. – 16.05.2014
ITechLaw Association, New York; Speaker: Dr. Oliver M. Habel, Topic: “Personal Data After Death Or Incapacity”

Round Table Of Munich based lawyers: “How Big Data Will Revolutionize Intellectual Property And Its Business Value”;
Speaker: Joren De Wachter;

Round Table Of Munich based lawyers: “Open Source Software: Copyleft/Patentleft – To Avoid Making Mistakes”
Speaker: Hendrik Schöttle, Osborne Clarke, Munich, Germany

X. All Munich Rounds: Arbitration moot between a plaintiff and a respondent team in arbitration from student teams of different European universities;
organizer: Ludwig-Maximilian-University, Munich, Germany;
Oliver M. Habel contributed as one of the arbitrators.

9. OSE (OPEN SOURCE ESCROW) Symposium in Munich; Topic: “Safe Company-IT – New Solutions by Escrow – Link between Data Protection and Safety”

IT-Round Table of Munich based lawyers: “Cross Channel – Internet Trade in Dual Distribution Systems”; Speaker: Reinhard Böhner, Esq., Munich

IT-Round Table of Munich based lawyers: “SAP License Measuring and Administration”; Speaker: Guido Schneider and Guido W. Strass

12. Bavarian IT Law Date 2013 in Munich; Topic: IT-Law and Europe”

02. – 04.10.2013
ITechLaw Conference, Amsterdam

IT-Round Table of Munich based lawyers: “Update for the EU draft Data Protection Act”; Speaker: Dr. Stefan Schuppert, Esq., Hogan Lovells

11. – 14.09.2013
DSRI Autumn Academy 2013, Berlin, Speaker: Dr. Oliver M. Habel: „International personal data transfer of employee data within a corporate group located in the US and in Germany”

IT-Round Table of Munich based lawyers: „Sport Gambling in the Internet – an Update after the Amendment of Admission”

EUCON: “New Mediation Procedure/ 2013; ADR – a Perspective for Business”.

MAV: „Criminal Law in Business-Compliance and Risk Management”

DIS, Munic: „Ein Blick hinter die Kulissen: Änderung in der Besetzung des Schiedsgerichtes“

IT-Law Camp, Bird & Bird LLP, Frankfurt: esp. data protection issues/ big data information as an asset; self organization of public owned companies for the IT infrastructure of governmental institutions

MAV: „Ways to restructure companies from esp. a tax perspective“

IT-Round Table of Munich based lawyers: „Big Data“; Speaker: Isabell Conrad, Esq., Drazen Nikolic, Esq. und Dr. Oliver M. Habel, Esq.

IT-Round Table of Munich based lawyers: Dr. Christian Frank, Esq./Taylor Wessing: „Virtualisierung und Lizenzmanagement“

DAV: 8. OSE Symposium about software escrow and software licenses in a case of insolvency

DGRI – Sitzung Fachausschuss Datenschutz, Nürnberg

IT-Round Table of Munich based lawyers: 1).
A. Witte, Esq.: „Crowd Computing“, 2). SV M. Schmidt: “Abmahnungen – die Arbeiten der Ermittlungsunternehmen für Rechtsverletzungen”

10. – 12.10.2012
ITechLaw 2012 European Conference, Rom, Speaker: Dr. Oliver M. Habel, Topic: „Key Drivers in Offering Cloud Services in the EU/ EEA”

25. – 27.09.2012
IT-Symposium, Dresden / GTUG Connect, Dresden, Speaker: Dr. Oliver M. Habel, Topic: „Cloud Computing – the Central Challenges for Data Protection“

MAV: „Urheberrecht aktuell“

IT-Round Table of Munich based lawyers: Prof. Dr. P. Bräutigam/ Noerr: „Digitaler Nachlass – Der Tod im Internet und das digitale Erbe“

IT-Round Table of Munich based lawyers:: Diskussionsrunde „EuGH-Urteil: UsedSoft GmbH./.
Oracle International Corp., C-128/11“.

IT-Round Table of Munich based lawyers:: Diana J. P. McKenzie: „Patting The Clouds: Negotiation Tips For Healthcare Cloud Computing Agreement“

IT-Round Table of Munich based lawyers: Dr. Christian Frank:, Esq. „ACTA – Das Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement“

03. – 04.05.2012
ITechLaw 2012 World Law Conference & Annual Meeting, Washington, USA, Speaker: Dr. Oliver M. Habel, Topic: „Social Media, Gaming and Digital Marketing”#

MAV „GmbH – Recht aktuell“

IT-Round Table of Munich based lawyers: H. P./ DLA Piper Wiesemann: „Intelligente Energiemesssysteme, Hintergründe; Rechtsrahmen, Datenschutz“

IT-Round Table of Munich based lawyers: Gerhard Pischel: „Internetvertrieb nach GVO 339/2010 – Neues aus Luxemburg mit Pierre Fabre?“

10. Bayerischer IT-Rechtstag 2011

20. – 21.10.2011
ITechLaw 2011 European Conference, Oslo.

IT-Round Table of Munich based lawyers: Undine von Diemar, Esq./Jones Day: „US-Zugriffsrechte auf personenbezogene Daten“

IT-Round Table of Munich based lawyers: Ernst Wirth/ Kriminalrat Bay. LKA: „Konsequenzen eines Verbotes der Vorratsdatenspeicherung
  in Folge der BVerfG-E. vom 02.03.2010 für die Ermittlungen der Polizei.“

IT-Round Table of Munich based lawyers: J. Schulz/ FDP in der Enquete-Kommission: „ Internet und digitale Gesellschaft“

28. – 29.10.2010
ITechLaw 2010 European Conference, Berlin, Speaker: Dr. Oliver M. Habel, Topic: „Legal Compliance Requests for Social Networks“.

Wettbewerbszentrale: Aktuelle Entwicklungen im Wettbewerbsrecht 2010

07. – 09. 10.2010
DGRI Jahrestagung 2010, Munich:  “Internet – Überholt die Wirklichkeit das Recht“

08. – 11.09.2010
DSRI „Digital Evolution – Challenge for the Information and Media Law“; Speaker: Dr. Oliver M. Habel

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