• 10. – 12.09.2020 Autumn Academy of Deutschen Stiftung für Informatik und Recht (German Foundation for Informatics and Law), speaker and author regarding the new German Trade Secret Act 2019 and its transformation into company practise: Oliver M. Habel, PhD., RA. 03.07.2020 Beitrag DSRI Geschäftsgeheimnisgesetz 2019
  • MMR 07/2020: Case notes regarding BGH (Federal Suprime Court) of 01.04.2020 “Amazo A bis Z-Garantie” with reference to BGH of 22.11.2017 “PayPal Käuferschutz”, author  Oliver M. Habel, PhD., RA.  Anm. Habel zu BGH Amazon Pay Back in MMR 7_20
  • 03/2020: tecnews of tecLEGAL Habel and LLP Law | Patent; Coronavirrus risk:  subject: Coronavirus-Risks: Exclusion of the obligation to fullfill a contract, also for both parts? A legal orientatuion for German law and first answers. Currently in German only 🙁 …teclegal-nl-032020
  • 02/2020: tecnews of tecLEGAL Habel and LLP Law| Patent; subject: “Trade Secrets and Secret Know-how: The New German Trade Secret Act from April 2019 – How to Transform into Contract Drafting, also a checklist” by Oliver M. Habel, PhD.,  RA (attorney- at -law).  02_20 Das neue GeschGehG_Umsetzung
  • 08/2019: IWZR /Magazine for Iternational Business Law): Oliver M. Habel, PhD., RA; “Punitive Duties and Non Tariff Trade Barriers in Contracts within International Business”.Beitrag Habel_IWRZ_5_2019
  • tecnews 04/2019: Oliver Habel “Punitive Damages And Other Trade Barriers – Who Shall Bear The Related Costs in International Contracts for Sale or for Work?”.23_04_2019 Strafzölle und Handelshemmnisse PDF. Upps, in Geman only? Upon request I can send you a summary in English or just give me a call.
  • November 22, 2018: Munich:  “The revised law for contracts for work in the IT Business”. As Co-organizer and attendee.
  • October 10, 2018: Bavarian IT-Legal Summit: “Data Business and Data Economy”. As attendee.

September 12.-15, 2018: Autumn Academy of the German Foundation for Legal Informatics; gave  a lecture and presented a book chapter about “Industrial IoT and what is necessary to transform IoT and Big Data applications into the legal business. dsri-herbstakademie_2018 Neu. dsri-herbstakademie_2018 Neu

July 19, 2018:, Munich: gave a lecture about “Industrial IoT: How to transfer IoT and Big Data Applications into legal terms of business”.

June  7/8, 2018: Conference of International Computer Law Associations, Paris; moderator of the panel”How to secure innovation? The role of BlockChain” and substitutional  lecture the presentation of Professeur Nicolas Bincent “BlockChain Governance”.

March 2018: Oliver Habel ” The New Law For Work, In Effect since Jan. 01, 2018, With Changes Also Related To Sales Law – What Need To Be Changed In T&C?”03.2018_Änderungen u.a. im Kaufrecht zum 01.01.2018. Upps, in Geman only? Upon request I can send you a summary in English or just give me a call.

November 22, 2017: The German Federal Supreme Court ( BGH ) decided that the seller still has a claim for payment of the contract price even the PayPal Buyer Protection which is part of PayPal´s business model over here, had returned the already payed sales price to the buyer due to his /her objection. We will report about further legal details as soon as the grounds of the judgements are published. 

IP-/Competition Law

IT, TK, E-Business and Internet

  • Betrieblicher Datenschutz, Rechtshandbuch, Forgo/Helfrich/Schneider; Beck Verlag, 2014: Kapitel 3: “Werbung im Internet”, (Translation: Company Internal Data Protection, Editors: Forgo/Helfrich/Schneider; Chater 3: “Advertising in the Internet”, by Dr. Oliver M. Habel/Eckart Müller)
  • Recht der Daten und Datenbanken im Unternehmen, Conrad/Grützmacher; Verlag Dr. Otto Schmidt, Cologne; Kapitel: “Grundsätze der Auftragsdatenvereinbarung”,  (Translation: Law concerning Data and Data Banks, editors Conrad/Grützmacher; Chapter: “Legal Principles for Order Data Processing”) by Dr. Oliver M. Habel

Product Safety and technology


Commercial and Corporate Law

Labor Law

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