Data protection

Protection of personal data within the European Union is of essence. Processing of personal data is subject to strict legal provisions. The data subject must be informed accordingly and depending on the kind and processing of personal data it is possible that its consent is required. The transfer of personal data abroad into a non-EU-country requires an adequate level of data protection in the receiving country. In the Internet and telecommunications business, specific regulations apply. Protection of personal data also requires companies to implement appropriate technical and organizational measures against unlawful access. Companies which use, store, process or transfer personal data have to make sure that they are complaint with data protection law.

Our services:

Evaluation and advice under data protection law, in particular in the areas Internet and telecommunications
Carrying out data protection compliance of companies
Drafting of privacy policies and declarations of consent
Drafting of transborder dataflow agreements
Drafting of Corporate Binding Rules
transfer of Safe Labor Requirements
concepts for cloud computing

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