Information Technology and Telecommunications

Traditional IT-Distribution

The products of traditional information technology have become the backbone of products, services and contents in other industries. Modern logistics, for example, as well as electronically controlled machines and production facilities cannot exist without computer chips as well as other computer hardware and software.

Manufacturers of traditional IT products have established their specific international distribution channels – via manufacturers, distributors and other dealers or in the form of service oriented IT offers sold either directly by the manufacturer to the end user or with the assistance of partners who customise software products or offer other value-added services.

License and Support Agreements

License agreements state the scope of the license grant to the user and for instance contain provisions on warranty, liability and indemnification. Support agreements provide for the licensee to receive updates, get access to a hotline and receive maintenance in case of software bugs also after the warranty period has expired.

Expertise in specific markets

To determine a national and international licensing strategy for software products you must have a knowledge of the specific market conditions. In addition, a long-term experience in the field of licensing strategies in international business is required.

E-Business and Mobile Business

All successful e-business builds on the IT backbone but also on expertise in doing business on the Internet and experience with its specific conditions and requirements. An understanding of the different co-operation and partnership models and opportunities presented by e-business is a necessary prerequisite. Also, the integration of its Internet business into the processes of a company’s own infrastructure is necessary. And you need to know the specific economic conditions of Internet business as well as its national and international legal framework.


Telecommunications is probably not only the latest but also the most important aspect of information technology. The legal framework of regulation as well as the structure of telecommunication providers have to be checked carefully for each country. The specific conditions for any selling or licensing activities via telecommunications need to match with existing business models in the field of software licensing and the selling of content and services.

Our services:

  • Designing, negotiating, and contract management in software projects, eg. introducing of ERP software like SAP
  • Drafting, review and negotiation of license and support agreements, provider contracts and distribution agreements
  • Drafting and examining general license terms and conditions of use
  • Advice in regulatory issues and representation before authorities (e.g. Federal Network Agency, Federal Cartel Office) and courts
  • Litigation and arbitration, in particular in case of failed software projects, software warranty claims, copyright infringement of software and disputes about payment claims